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Jonathan Faber is the Founder, Managing Partner and General Counsel of Luminary Group, LLC, a licensing and consulting agency that represents iconic and famous personalities in the licensing industry as well as providing litigation support as an expert witness.  Faber has served as an expert in landmark cases and is the creator and professor of the first known law school course dedicated entirely to the Right of Publicity (offered through the Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property at Indiana University McKinney School of Law).  Faber also is an attorney for McNeely Law LLP where he handles intellectual property and business matters for clients such as hospitals, casinos, school systems, breweries and start-ups.  Over the years, Faber has represented hundreds of rights owners, including Marilyn Monroe, Vince Lombardi, Princess Diana, Chuck Berry, I(Love)NY, the Beverly Hills Sports Council, and Jesse Owens, among many others.

Faber was previously a director at Sommer Barnard (now Taft) where he was a member of the Intellectual Property and Business Law groups.   Prior to Sommer Barnard, Jonathan was the President of CMG Worldwide, Inc.

Faber often serves as a speaker at industry conferences (such as Licensing University at the annual Licensing Show, AdWeek convention, Fordham Law School’s Annual International Intellectual Property and Policy conference, and the annual conferences for both California CPAs as well as AIPLA).  He has been published and quoted in various publications ranging from the Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, Variety, Billboard, License! Magazine, and MSNBC among others, and Luminary Group has been noted in a 60 Minutes segment on the rights he specializes in managing.

Faber also serves as an expert witness on intellectual property and licensing matters, for plaintiffs and defendants alike, including cases involving Drake, the Ramones, Shaun White, Uma Thurman, 50 Cent, Lancome, Zooey Deschanel, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, Kohl’s, the animated character Madeline (Estate of Ludwig Bemelmans), Vans, DIC, Robby Gordon (NASCAR), Checkers/Rallys, Gary Stephens (jockey), Fruit of the Loom, Bill Lester (NASCAR), and the Hubert Hansen Trust.  Faber was involved in negotiations with News Corp. and Harper Collins on behalf of the Goldman family concerning royalties from O.J. Simpson’s book, If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened. More recently, Faber was involved in valuing the intellectual property rights pertaining to Prince and his Estate.

Faber is a voting member of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS, which administers the annual Grammy Awards), a member of ASCAP, and past Chair of the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Executive Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law.

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