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The Right of Publicity: mere mention of this rapidly-evolving legal doctrine can generate vigorous debate. The Right of Publicity is often misunderstood, in part because recognition of the Right of Publicity varies significantly from state to state and country to country. This site was created to provide unbiased insight, resources and discussion on this complicated, often perplexing legal doctrine. Whether you are an attorney researching a potential Right of Publicity claim, a business owner making sure you do not violate some one’s Right of Publicity, or writing an article concerning the Right of Publicity, this site should prove to be a valuable resource to you.

Within this site, you will find recent Right of Publicity-related news, all of the Right of Publicity statutes in the United States, and information about landmark cases, law reviews and publications. This site is partly user-driven, so you are invited and encouraged to post Right of Publicity news that you come across. You are also invited to pose specific Right of Publicity questions on the bulletin board or directly to the site’s author who is the Professor of the first dedicated law school course in the country on the Right of Publicity.

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Jonathan Faber is the creator and professor of the first law school course in the country dedicated entirely to the Right of Publicity and is the founder of Luminary Group LLC, a licensing and consulting agency that specializes in representing brands and personalities.

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