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The Right of Publicity is likely to experience continued evolution in 2018, primarily from Right of Publicity legislation and case law (often involving fascinating fact patterns). One could also observe that the U.S. now has a President who entered office with more Right of Publicity licensing than any prior elected official. In short, it is evident that the Right of Publicity will continue generating vigorous debate. The Right of Publicity is often misunderstood, in part because recognition of the Right of Publicity varies significantly from state to state and country to country. was created to provide resources and insight to an often perplexing legal doctrine.

Whether you are researching a potential Right of Publicity claim, making sure you do not violate a Right of Publicity, or writing an article concerning the Right of Publicity, this site should be a valuable resource.  Here you will find Right of Publicity news, all of the Right of Publicity statutes in the United States, landmark cases, and related information.  The author frequently serves as an expert witness in Right of Publicity, appropriation, and valuation disputes and litigation.  If you need an expert witness or a licensing consultant, contact the author via this website or through

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