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Articles and Secondary Resources

Secondary sources can be invaluable resources, and articles and law review notes usually make better reading than case law. Such sources form a network of resources which can accelerate understanding. These articles are posted with permission of the author and represent the perspective of highly-experienced individuals.

The Future of Digital Actors Sarah Howes 3-7-18

“Recent Right of Publicity Revelations: Perspective From The Trenches” Savannah Law Review, Volume 3, Number 1, 2016

“So Who Owns the Rights to the Car Numbers in NASCAR Anyway?” The Front Row, June 2013 *

“Lessons Learned: Legislative Right of Publicity Efforts Throughout U.S. Could Be Instructive for North Carolina’s Legislature” The Front Row, June 2013 *

* This article originally appeared in The Front Row, newsletter published by the Sports & Entertainment Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association.

Licensing Journal, September 2012

“No Respect For The Dead” BNA Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, 9/12/08

“A Licensing Parable” GLOBAL License!, July 2007

“NFL in tough spot regarding Super Bowl parties” Indianapolis Business Journal, March 12-18, 2007

“THE RIGHT OF PUBLICITY: Is it Right for Your Business?”Counselor, 2/07

“Stars for Sale” GLOBAL License!, July 2006

“Legal Notes” GLOBAL License!, June 2005

“Trade-wrongs : mis adventures in un-Intellectual property” RES GESTAE November 2004

“Game Face” GLOBAL License!, August 2004

“Protecting, valuing and licensing the famous” INDIANA LAWYER, MARCH 24 – APRIL 6, 2004

“Star Struck” GLOBAL License!, June 2003

“Indiana: a celebrity-friendly jurisdiction” RES GESTAE March 2000

Restatement (Third) of Unfair Competition, s.46-49

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