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You may be involved in a Right of Publicity case, but what is the value of the claim? A critical component in Right of Publicity licensing or litigation concerns valuation. The licensing business is secretive in nature. If an association with a personality is desired, how does one determine what represents a fair arrangement? In a litigation context, how does one determine the valuation for damages purposes? A qualified Right of Publicity expert witness can provide critical context and perspective.

The creator of this site has served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in relation to some of the most visible matters of recent times. A few such matters involved valuing certain rights pertaining to the Prince Estate, as well as situations involving Drake, Shaun White, Uma Thurman, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Coach John Wooden, Oscar de la Hoya, and the Ramones, among others.

The site’s creator has worked with hundreds of intellectual property owners, from living and deceased celebrities, to brands, sports leagues, teams, sponsors, and others.  He has dealt with thousands of companies throughout the world, in relation to almost every kind of advertising campaign, sponsorship, promotion, or consumer goods imaginable. As such, his experience and perspective provide a rare but critical asset for an expert.

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