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The Right of Publicity (or the current parallel reference, “NIL”) continues evolving through case law and legislation. The Right of Publicity consistently demonstrates the critical role it plays, including NIL deals and legislation for college athletes, deep fakes, and estate tax valuations. The Right of Publicity is often misunderstood or misrepresented, though recognition varies in some respects from state to state and country to country. This does not mean the Right of Publicity is indecipherable. One can discern consistency and critical policy underpinnings in the Right of Publicity. Similarly, with a qualified valuation expert witness, the Right of Publicity can be valued accurately. 

A visitor to will find news, Right of Publicity statutes in the U.S., landmark cases, and other information, often with perspective of someone who has represented notable rights owners for decades and has served as an expert witness in significant Right of Publicity disputes and valuations.  The author teaches this subject matter, lectures and publishes with regularity, and has participated in legislative activity throughout the United States.  If you need a valuation expert witness or a licensing consultant concerning Right of Publicity, appropriation, estate tax, business transfer or acquisition, or industry customs and practices, see Luminary Group LLC for contact info.

Thank you for visiting  This site is for educational purposes and general information only.  While effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the information on this site, accuracy is not guaranteed and is not a substitute for your own research and consultation with an attorney.  This site is provided as a courtesy, convenience, and overview of a complex legal doctrine.  This site does not constitute legal advice. It is strongly recommended that qualified legal representation be secured when dealing with any Right of Publicity matter.

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Jonathan Faber is the creator and professor of the first law school course in the country dedicated entirely to the Right of Publicity and is the founder of Luminary Group LLC, a licensing and consulting agency that specializes in representing brands and personalities.

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