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Bobbleheads: Intentionally Unflattering or a Symptom of the Product Category?

June 25, 2009 No Comments »
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Recently, the following question was posed to me through the site:  Question: I was looking at Barack Obama bobbleheads and other merchandise and noticed that they are really quite bed representations of our fair president.  Some look downright not at all like him.  Was this done on purpose?  I’ve seen that actual picture is used on some products.  What’s going on here.  Is there a difference between actual pictures and artists representation?


Answer:  Through my work with most of the leading bobblehead companies, I can say that the better companies strive for accuracy in their products.  That said, I can recall any number of times when the family of the clients I represented felt that the bobblehead rendering did not look accurate enough.  There is a caricature-like element to the product, and I can’t rule out that perhaps in some cases the likeness of the President is intentionally unflattering.  In this instance, I would not expect there to be much legal distinction between actual pictures and artist representation when converted to the bobblehead product.

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