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Bobbleheads: Intentionally Unflattering or a Symptom of the Product Category?

June 25, 2009 No Comments »
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Recently, the following question along the following lines was posed to me:  I was looking at Barack Obama bobbleheads and other merchandise and noticed that they are bad representations.  Was this done on purpose?  Is there a difference between actual pictures and artists representation?


Answer:  Through my work with bobblehead companies, I can say the better companies strive for accuracy.  That said, I can recall any number of times when the family of the clients I represented felt that the bobblehead did not look accurate enough.  There is a caricature-like element to the product, and I can’t rule out that perhaps in some cases the likeness of the President is intentionally unflattering.  In this instance, I would not expect there to be much legal distinction between actual pictures and artist representation when converted to the bobblehead product.

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