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MLB Cardinals Manager La Russa files suit over fake Twitter page

June 5, 2009 2 Comments »
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As exhilirating as new technology like social networking tool Twitter can be, it also raises a variety of legal issues concerning the Right of Publicity.  What happens when a user creates an account pretending to be a famous athlete, musician or other famous figure and allowing the assumption that the site is authorized by if not created by that personality?  In addition to other potential legal issues like fraud and defamation, such activity also could drive attention and traffic to the fake site, creating other possible benefits to the impostor.  Is there an obligation on the company’s behind sites like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter to proactively prevent this kind of infringement from taking place?  Perhaps the suit filed by Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa last month will bring some clarity to these questions.  ESPN’s report on the story can be viewed here:

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