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When losing isn’t losing at all: Marilyn Monroe Estate acquires rights to Shaw Family Archives images

February 17, 2012 4 Comments »
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Interesting twist in the relations between parties once suing each other.  Those who would cite Shaw as evidence that Marilyn Monroe “lost” would do well to consider subsequent developments since that ruling (a suspect ruling, no less, based on likely  inaccuracies concerning the status of New York law in 1962, and where exactly Monroe was domiciled).  Aside from the rights of Marilyn Monroe being acquired in a multi-million dollar transaction with a venture capital investment company (here’s a link to my write-up on that acquisition: ), we now see that Marilyn Monroe’s “Estate” (as it is called in the Wall Street Journal article cited below) is saving the Shaw Family Archives from bankruptcy and lifting them out of its relationship with its long-time licensing agent, Bradford Licensing (a party also involved in the Monroe/Shaw litigation).

In exchange for a reported payout of $75,000, those in control of Marilyn Monroe’s rights are guaranteeing $3 million in earnings over the span of a five year deal.  As a result, Marilyn Monroe’s “Estate” will have licensing control over the images.  And to think, this goes right to the heart of the issues in that litigation years ago.  Guess losing isn’t losing at all!

Here’s a link to the court filing addressing these details:

And here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal’s reporting of the story, with more details concerning the situation:

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