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Faber interview with TBS eFM Primetime with Henry Shinn

April 7, 2015 2 Comments »
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On March 25th, 2015 the administrator of (Jonathan Faber) gave a live interview on Primetime with Henry Shinn.  The show is on TBS eFM, 101.3MHz, and is an all English radio channel operating from Seoul, South Korea.

The interview explored the broader topic of whether South Korea should adopt a Right of Publicity-like law, in part because there are some notable personalities bringing claims related to the Right of Publicity in South Korea.  The conversation ranged from James Dean to Dustin Hoffman.  Here is a link to the Facebook page for the show, where I understand prior interviews can be found:

2 thoughts on “Faber interview with TBS eFM Primetime with Henry Shinn

  1. Jeong-Ho Lee says:

    A recent decision by a trial court in Seoul regarding a nation’s sweetheart singer, Suji, piqued people’s interest in the law. The court did not recognize damages based on the fact that she never sold any products in the class of goods related to the infringement much the same way common law trademark cases are handled in some states in the US. I was present at a public hearing hosted by a Korean Congressman and spoke on certain points to consider when legislating last year. It may be picked up again this year with a little more sustained interest.

  2. jfaber says:

    Thanks for the comment and detailed insight, Jeong-Ho. I’m glad the proceedings included an opportunity for you to speak and add your valuable perspective.

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