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60 Minutes “A Living For the Dead” updated segment includes Luminary Group

September 29, 2009 2 Comments »
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The Right of Publicity was part of 60 Minutes’ season premier episode on Sunday, September 27, 2009, in a segment captioned “A Living For The Dead” which, in updated segments, included reference to Luminary Group and the celebrity clients it represents.  I’ve been contacted concerning inaccuracies that the story conveyed.  Mostly missing from the story was the idea that representing deceased personalities, in conjunction with the heirs of those personalities, involves an effort to protect and further the legacy of that person, and in many cases the causes which were important to him or her.  It isn’t just about money, as the angle of the story seemed to emphasize.  There were a few missed opportunities to enlighten the public of the importance of the right of publicity and the work that at least some put into representing departed legends.  Here is a link to the CBS story:

2 thoughts on “60 Minutes “A Living For the Dead” updated segment includes Luminary Group

  1. Dave Green says:

    Agree with Jonathan here. Many personalities (Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Einstein) strive to protect the legacy and mission of the estate, and above all, strive for uses which are authentic to their real life persona. It would have been nice to see examples of objectional uses (like last year’s Kurt Cobain ad) that demonstrate the spirit of these laws in protecting a personality’s legacy, and the value of such efforts to the fans, who rely on the estates to produce or approve authentic and respectful products and ads.

    Otherwise, entertaining, if not exactly educational.

  2. Don Lawn says:

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