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Savannah Law Review’s “The Walking Dead” Colloquium

September 18, 2015 No Comments »
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I am honored to be presenting at Savannah Law Review’s upcoming colloquium, “The Walking Dead” in Savannah, Georgia.  Topics will include earnings of deceased celebrities, Michael Jordan’s $8.9 Million damages award, recent legislative activity and Right of Publicity trends to watch.  A corresponding law review article will be published in the upcoming Savannah Law Review journal.

Here is a link to more information on the colloquium:



Hollywood Reporter’s “Hollywood Hologram Wars” quotes Faber of / Luminary Group

June 1, 2015 No Comments »
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Nice to be quoted in Eriq Gardner’s new piece in The Hollywood Reporter entitled “Hollywood Hologram Wars: Vicious Legal Feud Behind Virtual Mariah, Marilyn and Mick.”  The article does a great job examining the business potential and burgeoning adoption of so-called hologram technology as well as corresponding growing pains and legal issues, particularly between those developing the technology itself.

In answer to Eriq’s question of “what’s the licensing and business potential for this technology?” I also said that it depends on:

a) what is being counted (fees to the estate, to the owners of the technology itself?); and

b) gross or net; and

c) how the market responds.

If the market responds well to an Elvis live show on a world tour, those gross earnings alone could be well on the way to the billion mark.  And if it follows with a Johnny Cash or Michael Jackson tour,  yes, it will reach billion dollar potential. And, will people be interested in seeing Michael Jackson “live” once, or over and over?

Here’s the link to Eriq Gardner’s The Hollywood Reporter article:

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