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Paul Newman’s daughters secure temporary injunction against Wet Brush license

July 3, 2024 No Comments »
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The daughters of late actor Paul Newman secured a temporary injunction against Wet Brush hairbrush inspired by Paul Newman. Here is a link with more details: Paul Newman’s daughters secure injunction against Wet Brush and use of Newman’s Right of Publicity on non-food products It appears the product was licensed by Newman’s Own Foundation, so the dispute may be more involved than a traditional unauthorized use. Here is a link to the product announcement: Wet Brush inspired by Paul Newman
It also appears that a Connecticut action was filed by Newman’s daughters against the Foundation, in relation to operational decisions or criteria that may have been in place to govern or limit the kinds of products Paul Newman intended to allow. Here is a link with more information to the 2022 action: Paul Newman’s daughters file action against Newman’s Own Foundation
It is not clear the degree to which the latest news and the prior action are connected. Paul Newman was an advocate for Right of Publicity recognition and testified in support of a Connecticut legislative effort to enact a Connecticut Right of Publicity law, and expressed concerns about technology allowing digital creations without the involvement of the person in question.

RBG and ROP (Right of Publicity and Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

September 25, 2020 No Comments »
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Yes, there is a Right of Publicity interest pertaining to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died a week ago at the age of 87. As always, application and analysis of her Right of Publicity would depend on context and specifics in any particular situation. But sticking to overview observations, since she was a lawyer, it may be a safe assumption that Justice Ginsburg had a testamentary plan in place. Since she was attuned to intellectual property matters, it is possible there were specific Right of Publicity provisions in her testamentary plan. Since she is commonly referred to as RBG, it is safe to assume RGB could unequivocally identify Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And given the preceding points, it is safe to assume potential commercial uses or trademark activity could intersect with some of these points. This may all be academic, of course. We’ll see.

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